5 Essential Guidelines to create a Product Demo Animated Video

How to create engaging product demos

Animated videos are trendy, fun to watch, easy to understand and overall share-worthy. Animation specialists put their technical skills into creating an output that conveys a message with an emotional tone – be it funny, sad or simply informative. This mixture of art and Product Demo Video technology works just right for the audience and has led to a complete acceptance of animated videos, making them a marketing rage.

This is why animated videos are widely used for product demos today and have definitely come as a relief for businesses that manufacture products with complex features. Customer comprehension is just a few minutes of video watching away.

However, your animated videos will only achieve the above wonders if they are designed professionally and get the aesthetics right. Many factors separate shabbily made animated videos that are overflooding social media today from the ones that exhibit high quality standards- the ones that make a real difference and generate leads. We bring you the guidelines on how to create a product demo animated video for your business.

The script is the main ingredient that you need for preparing your animated video. You need to be involved entirely at this point because nobody else will know your product the way you do. The script should be precise, catchy and very informative. It should cover all the major points like product features and uses, capacity, durability, the technology used, compatibility with other products, safety and price.

These features can be spoken of in the video, or they can simply appear in a text format or an infographic running through the video. It all depends on how much explanation or “breaking down” the features require. In any case, refrain from making it jargon-heavy as that is counterintuitive to the purpose of the demo video.

The product should be introduced and explained in layman’s terms. This is not underestimating the audience’s understanding capability but being sensitive to those who aren’t technically as gifted as others. If jargons are required, try to pick one that is more likely to be understood by the general public easily.

Here’s the memo – if you don’t tell your viewers what to do exactly upon watching the video, chances are they won’t do it. Do not make the mistake of hinting or expecting viewers to understand your motive behind the whole effort. Tell them in a clear-cut way what your expectations are. Inform them about the places they can avail the product from or ask them to subscribe to your channel. Encourage them to use that offer code on certain purchases.

It is very easy to be carried away while watching a nice animated video and lose the whole purpose of it. There should be multiple reminders of your motive along with proper guidance on how to get there. If your product is stocked in a particular chain of stores- mention it; any websites that sell it online should be acknowledged in the video.

This exercise plays with your consumers’ psyche, increasing their chances of acting on the advice. For example, social media posts that include the hashtag “#share” get shared more than those that don’t. As obvious as it seems, simply looking at the word and listening to it triggers an automatic response in our brain and influences desired action.

The reason we select animated videos over other mediums is that they are wildly entertaining- more than any article or image can be. Animated videos use storytelling to engage viewers. This increases chances of recall as we are hardwired (ever since early childhood cartoon days) to remember something better if served in a story format.

No wonder we can recall, scene by scene, the plot from our favorite movie or book. In terms of business, it is called brand storytelling. Your product demo video should incorporate elements of that by introducing an optional character or creating a fictional situation in which the product is used. For example, a tyre manufacturer can create a short pitch about a family picnic getting ruined due to a tyre puncture, and how their product has come to the rescue.

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