Mastering the writing skills is not everyone’s cup of tea. But knowing these little known secret tips will not only enhance your writing skills but also make you creative.

I’m bringing here 5 secret tips to change your boring writing style into an attractive one.

Tip #1: Keep your sentences clear and concise

Yes, you all know this fact very well but while writing, most of the people forget this simplest yet the most important fact. You start writing in short sentences but eventually end up making longer sentences using connectors.

Example: John is a talented boy. He likes to spend his time by playing basketball. Sometimes he likes to spend his time reading articles. (Simple, To-the-point)

Now see what actually happens while writing:

John is a talented boy and he likes to spend his pay for essay reddit time by playing basketball but sometimes he likes to spend his time reading articles. (Single Complex Sentence, Lengthy)
Thus, avoid forming longer sentences.

Tip #2: Always write in Active Voice

People developed an unhealthy habit of writing even simplest of the sentences in passive voice. Though writing in this voice is not bad, but sometimes it distracts your readers from the actual subject of the sentence. See the difference.


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