All about London Ground Transportation

London is an elegant and historic city to visit. Whether you are a frequent flyer or first time visitor to London, you need to ensure that you familiarise yourself with the London Transportation System and means of reaching different destinations in London.

London covers only a small geographical area but it is reachable from all corners of the world and vice versa. The city is busy 24/7, so is the transportation london bus hire system; Rails, Buses, Taxis and other ground transport vehicles keep moving in all directions offering a well connected transport link to and from London.


Rail transport is offered through Heavy, Metro and Light Rail services. The Underground Rail System (fondly called The Tube), Docklands Light Railway and Trams form the Metro and Light Railway system. The most popular ones are the Tubes as they are the ones used by almost every traveller in London since their launch in 1863. Starting from early morning 5AM, the tubes operate across 270 stations with 11 lines at intervals of 5 to 10 minutes till 1 AM on Friday and Saturday only. The Docklands Light Railway System serves passenger travel across City Airport and Docklands area of East London. Trams are hardly used at present except the one operating across the Kingsway subway. All cities have connections through commuter rails and intercity rails.


Over 6, 800 scheduled services to 700 routes are operated by the London Bus Network. Double-Decker Buses in red are the ones moving throughout the city at present, operating every day with a limited service on some public holidays. Night bus services are available for some routes on all days.


Taxis offer comfort and convenience travel and they operate 24/7. London offers you the flexibility to visit different destination at your convenience in taxis. Many private hire companies offer taxi transfers across all destinations in London. Choosing the best company is the deal here! You can look into websites or ask your friends who have been to London before and find the best hire service to go with. You can also participate in any of London Forums and gather more information on London travel and transport.

You have so much to see in the uk that any holiday, irrespective of its duration, will prove short. So vast and rich is the UK that it not only caters to the needs of youth, older men and women but also for children. Amusement parks, places of historic interest, cultural centers, forts, historic palaces, rivers and gardens, zoological parks, stadiums and museums are all in plenty here.

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