Given a choice, would you rather prefer a healthy life or one filled with health problems of all sorts? Surely, you would choose the former and so, you may Newport Residences be looking for resources for weight loss in Newport. Newport is one of the biggest cities in south Wales and you may not have much difficulty in getting the right equipments, trainer and gym. Newport is located in between two of Britain’s major cities, Bristol and Cardiff.

Newport is a fantastic city to live in if you want to loose weight. There are a wide variety of health clubs with fantastic facilities available. These are just a number of the gyms in Newport. In and around Newport City centre there are over 45 gyms of varied sorts. Picking a gym close to your home, in close proximity should not be a problem.

However, even with so many gyms the statistics for Newport’s health are quite alarming. 31% of Newport residents are classes as obese. Out of the whole population of Newport 8% are morbidly obese. A further 23% of Newport citizens are overweight. This accumulates to 54% of Newport’s residents as being obese or overweight.

Newport has fantastic facilities to get fit and is located in a brilliant place. Within a 15 minute drive from Newport there are rock climbing facilities, white water rafting facilities, exclusive weight loss gyms and clinics. In Newport city centre there are many leisure centres that offer a pay as you go payment system – getting to the gym in your spare time has never been more convenient. So it is very surprising that these statistics are so alarming, with all that Newport has to offer.

Newport has fantastic outdoor facilities to get fit, with many great routes along the canals and river beds. I use many of these with my wide range of personal training clients. The scenery and terrain on certain runs along the river beds is perfect and these routes provide a great sense of well being once they are achieved.

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