There once were a bunch of pigs in tiny stalls. They were rounded up and shipped to the slaughtering house, leaving all the piglets behind. Then the runts of the litter are given to a local fair. If someone guesses the correct weight of the piglet, Babe then they would win the baby pig and take it home. Mr. Hoggett picks up the pig and makes a guess. A few days later he gets a call that he won the pig. The pig feels all alone. A female dog has pity on him and becomes his friend. The dog’s husband does not like this. Babe then begins to explore and finds a sick sheep named Babe168 Ma in the barn and talks to her. Eventually, the pig is allowed to go to the pasture and watch the be corralled in order to get their medicine. Mr. Hoggett has a hard time with this and asks Babe to help. Babe runs around the sheep to show them who is boss and even bites one sheep. Ma, the sheep steps in and settles everyone down. Babe talks to the sheep and the go get their medicine. The farmer is very surprised at this and begins training Babe to go through a course and herd sheep. One day, Babe hears yelling in the pasture and runs to help.

A pack of wild dogs was tearing the herd of sheep up. Babe headbutts one of them and they leave. He finds Ma laying in the grass just before she dies. The farmer drives up and sees Babe all bloody standing over the dead sheep. Mr. Hoggett takes Babe to the shed to put him down when his wife comes running up to tell him Babe168 RTP about the pack of wild dogs in the area. Babe becomes friends with a duck. The Hoggetts do not like the duck because he wakes them up every morning like a rooster.

The duck feels that if he has a job then he will not be eaten. The Hoggetts get an alarm clock. The duck soon cons Babe to go inside and steal the alarm clock. On his way back out with the clock in his mouth, his foot gets stuck on some string. The duck stops him just in time before he makes a huge mess. The cat wakes up and all the animals scurry away from each other. The cat ends up covered in paint and is blamed for the mess by the Hoggetts. Babe is soon entered into a competition for herding sheep. He finds out that there is a secret saying that sheep say to know that they can be trusted. Too bad that Babe doesn’t know this saying. Find out if the sheep do as Babe says or if he shames Mr. Hoggett.


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