Bringing a new Bulldog Puppy Home

Prepare yourself, your family and your house before bringing the new bulldog puppy home from the breeder’s facility, insure it with a special place to rest, the supplies you will need firstly and good healthy food for dog pups. It’s better to have everything on hand when you arrive with the puppy, because in that moment your entire house and family will get in chaos French bulldogs for sale
. Now, before you all get carried away with all the excitement, there are a few things that you will need to take care first when you get your bulldog puppy from the breeder. Paper work is quite important, and while receiving the puppy you will also receive documents regarding its registration and health status. The blood line of your bulldog puppy is attested by a Registration Certificate and a copy of its pedigree, and its health status by the documents recording the immunizations and de-worming procedures, plus a specific veterinarian certificate.

Once the legal documents are fulfilled, do not forget to ask from the breeder detailed instruction about how to feed and take care of the puppy in the first months. Note that during the first few weeks of the puppy in your home, it is very important that you maintain the same routine that the puppy has been used. If your schedule does not allow you to maintain this routine, introduce the changes gradually, to not mentally distress the puppy.

After you have finished all the paper work at the breeder’s facility, the moment comes to bring the bulldog puppy at your home. Bringing a bulldog pup home could be very exciting for the whole family. Children usually love puppies and they tend to be overly excited about having something and someone to play with that they would tend to pester the puppy a lot. The new bulldog puppy will obviously need some time to explore the new place, meet the new people and pass over the sorrow of being separated from its brothers and sisters, and all this should be explained to your kids. Your kids should also be guided how to support the new pup to make the first contact with its new home and family. It is a good idea to let your children play with the bulldog puppy as a means for it to make their acquaintance, but only moderately in order to not exhaust it. You should always remind the kids that the puppy needs a lot of rest and cuddling. You probably spent ages finding the bulldog puppy of your dreams… and the big day comes when you can take him home, without an instruction manual! But just follow a few simple guidelines and you will be fine. The first night is usually hard on the bulldog puppy. He may cry all night and you can’t really blame him. He is in a new environment without his mother.

When you bring your bulldog puppy home try and bring home a toy or towel that smells like his mom. This will go a long way in calming him down. Try not to run to him every time he cries… if so, you might be doing this for a long time. Pet him occasionally if you need to. Putting a sheet or cover over your puppy’s sleeping area will also help him in getting used to bed time.

Bulldog puppies are as mischievous as all other breeds so expect that they’ll get into everything. Puppy proof your house by putting away hazardous items like harmful plants, rocks, marbles or any other item that can hurt your puppy. You will scold your bulldog puppy like you would a child. With a firm “no” and then by showing him correct behavior. If he is chewing on a shoe instead of a toy… tell him “no” and replace the shoe with the toy. Praise him then for chewing the toy. Reward good behavior. Do not hit or spank… treats and positive reinforcement works much better.

Feed your bulldog puppy a dry food that is specifically for puppies. It is usually best to find out what food your puppy has been eating and continue from there. Adult food will be too hard for your puppy to tolerate. You will want to feed your puppy 2-3 times per day. Most puppies will eat in about 15 minutes. You can remove the food after that until the next time. Once your puppy is about 4 months old you can shorten feedings to twice per day. A huge number of people love owning dogs. The reasons may be numerous, from the fact that they turned old with them, or probably because they are their protection or serve other such purposes, or it may as well be the fact that some people love to have something cute to hold on.

Specifically talking about the bulldog puppies, they are certainly one of the cutest breed if you are looking for something cunning to hold on, love, and cuddle. However, it is needless to mention that there are certain attributes of a bulldog puppy that you must look for before you go out spending your money on it. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at such attributes.

It should go without saying that there are a number of different body types as well as shapes when it comes to bulldog puppies. Therefore, choosing one may turn out to be a rather complicated task. However, taking a closer look at the AKC standards will enable you to choose the one that resembles greatly to the standards. You may want to keep a couple of features unique in your bulldog puppy though, but that entirely depends on your personal preferences.

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