Cheap Flights To Krakow: Perfect Weekend Away For Food Fans

Deciding where to go on holiday can be tricky now that there are so many cheap flights to hundreds of destinations worldwide. Often overlooked, Poland is an excellent option and will feel like a really original break away. Krakow is the country’s second city and is home to some perhaps surprisingly delicious restaurants so for a tasty break whatever the budget, try Krakow.

Cheap holidays don’t have to mean a lack of luxury. One of the best ways to keep costs to a minimum is by finding a clean and simple hotel just outside of a city at a price that will leave some leftover spending money for evenings out. Galicya Hotel, for example, is a short tram ride from Krakow’s bustling centre and is priced below more central hotels despite being a lovely base for a visit to the city.

By saving money on a hotel, visitors can perhaps afford a meal at Cul de Sac which is considered one of the finest restaurants in the city. It can be found in the stunning Hotel Grodek, hidden away down an alleyway in charming Old Town. With a glass roof and furniture that hints at minimalism, the area is fresh and modern, much like the food. Italian starters of pasta and French mains of game and seafood are regularly on the menu, but diners should be warned to save room for the tempting desserts! A three course meal with a drink is likely to cost around £35 a head which is fantastic value given the quality of food and the location, which is perfect for an intimate and romantic evening meal. In the summer diners can lounge on deck chairs on the roof patio for a lazy afternoon snack. Doors open at midday and the restaurant closes at 11pm.

Sometimes cheap holidays mean just that – everything needs to be cheap! At the opposite end of the budget scale to Cul de Sac is Polakowski – a self-service restaurant serving authentic Polish food which is unlikely to set diners back more than £5. The décor is quirky, with decorations including cabbages, garlic and jars of pickles (yes, really!) but the overall feel is light, airy and modern. The yoghurt soup is worth a try and cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat might not be fine dining but it’s unfussy, quick and tasty.

Somewhere in the middle of the scale lies Pod Roza, another lovely hotel restaurant worth a visit while you’re in Krakow. With a pianist tinkling the ivories in the background and a glass roof to see the stars, this could be a truly romantic meal out, but if you’re in the city on business then ask for a table on the quieter mezzanine level. As with Cul de Sac, the menu is filled with fish and game but what Pod Roza really does best is desserts, so even if your budget doesn’t stretch to a three course meal then try and find time to go for coffee and cake.


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