The use of CNC machines has not only made drilling, cutting, and milling easier but also allowed artists and designers to merge art with engineering. The use of CNC engraving machines has enabled people to express their creative side through precise engraving, especially if the products need to be produced on a mass scale.

Types of CNC engraving machines

Engraving with the help of CNC machines is usually done through specially designed CNC routers or CNC laser cutting machines. While engravers that feature routers can be used on wood, stone, and even glass, CNC laser machines are favored to engrave and cut works of art made in sheet metal. It also depends on whether one wants to use these machines as a hobby or for commercial use. Commercial machines are heavy-duty and have the ability to churn out many pieces while personal machines are smaller in size and can produce very few pieces at a time, in comparison.

The right mix of software and hardware can turn intention sheets of plywood into action

The right engraving software will be required to turn blocks of wood, metal or any other material into a piece of art or a cup, plaque, shield, or even a precise piece of jewelry. This software will instruct the CNC engraving machine to convert the computer design into the desired object. Etching and cutting commands will be interpreted by the controller and the machine will be instructed to perform the necessary actions. Manufacturing products using an engraver will result in fewer mistakes and maintain a high level of consistency in the finished items. CNC engraving is very popular for making nameplates and all that an entrepreneur needs to do is to locate the right CNC machine for the job. Once the templates have been created on the attached computer, it is just a matter of monitoring the production as each plate gets engraved with the desired design that could include dates, names and geometric or abstract designs.

High technology can enhance production, but at a cost

Manual CNC engraving machines are better for personal use as one might not need to make products at a fast pace. However, for commercial use, fully-automatic machines that can even change tools automatically could enhance production levels significantly. CNC machines that engrave using routers are also available with different axis levels. While the common 3 axis machine can take care of simple needs, complex engraving that requires a 3D effect will need a 4 axis or even a 5 axis model that has a spindle that rotates in two extra planes. These machines are quite costly but if the engraving demands fine intricate work in 3D then these are the machines that could easily do the job. Many people also prefer to order personalized engravings that can be gifted to someone special or made and sold in limited quantities.

While hand engraving is a skill in its own right, it is not suitable where the required production levels are high or if a higher level of consistency is required. It is CNC engraving that can take care of both problems in one precise solution. This type of engraving can carve, cut and shape various materials and one only needs to seek out the right machine whether it is for personal or commercial use.

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