Contextual Backlinks Their Importance Has Never Been More Than Now

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Contextual backlinks are backlinks that are surrounded by content. In other words, these are placed in between articles and are in the form of words rather than URL links. They are immensely more effective than the other kinds of links since they are based in content. Search engines are always partial towards content and when there are backlinks in them, the chances contextual of indexing are higher as well. Owing to the importance of contextual backlinks, they are in high demand these days. Ordinary backlinks are available for pennies if you want to buy them. However, if you want to make your backlinking campaign effective, you need to go a step further than purchasing a dozen backlinks for a dime and acquire contextual backlinks that can really enhance your link building efforts. These are definitely more valuable than the ordinary ones.

Since the old system of ranking websites had a number of loopholes, a new algorithm was formulated and developed by Google. This algorithm is based on one major principle – quality. So, where sites that had a lot of ads and banners ranked better in the previous arrangement, the new algorithm pays more attention to content and details. It is more based on how a human would evaluate a site depending on how informative the page is. When this concept is applied to link building, contextual backlinks get a definite boost over any other kind of links. Also, the Panda comes with more rules, the major among them being that the keywords should be changed along with the anchor text. So, if search engine spider visits you site for the second time and finds the same old keywords embedded in the same old anchor text, changes of your website experiencing a hike in ranking is low. Since keywords as well as anchor texts need to be upgraded, they can best be done in the form of contextual links.

When search engine spiders crawl over your website, they analyze every link present on it based on a number of factors. One of the major factors is if the link actually enhances the qualitative value of the site and if it does, how much value is increased. Links that do not all much value are disregarded, even if they are from high pagerank backlinks. So, floating links, which are only used to increase the number of links on your page, will get you nowhere. When you use contextual links, you do not have to bother about this since they are placed in content and hence, add definite value. You can also be assured of relevancy of the link since you are very unlikely to post content and a link that are not relevant to your website. With contextual websites, you receive several advantages in one go, which is why they are considered some of the most important links in the present web industry.

There are several ways in which you can receive contextual backlinks. One of the best ways is blogging. There are many advantages of building contextual backlinks through blogging. Firstly, search engines love blogs because they are always content based. Secondly, blogs contain dynamic content, which means that the content is updated regularly and so, they are search engine friendly. A number of people visit blogs, which means your backlinks will get you more traffic. You can also keep varying keywords in blog content and make it friendly for the new Google algorithm. One of the best ways to capitalize on these techniques is to have your own blogs where you can place any kind of content you want without having to seek permissions from blog owners. Also, most of the web hosting companies offers free blogs these days when you buy certain bandwidth of web space. In addition, with platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and Xanga, you can get a readymade blog and all you have to do is upload your content.

In order to capitalize on the availability of blogs, you should write unique content that is very high in quality. Search engines like detailed content and so, ensure that your write up is at least 500 words long. Infuse your article with appropriate keywords so that the chances of being found by search engines are higher. You can also have guest posts on your blog from relevant blogs, which also increases the informative value of the page.

When you include contextual backlinks in your article, make sure that it is evenly distributed. Put in the keywords in the beginning and end of the article and a few times in between. Never concentrate all your keywords in one place in the article. If you plan to link with article directories, then you should make sure that the content is of the highest quality. here, the emphasis should be less on keywords and more on informative content. Ensure that you link with web pages that enjoy a high pagerank. Since every page of the website requires has a pagerank, you will do well to check out the pages with high pageranks and link with them, while ensuring that the qualitative value of your website does increase with its inclusion.

Contextual links are the future of link building. So, go for it

If you are thinking about the future, you should plan on creating links based on contextual links because they are the future of link building. There are different avenues where you can build these links. When you go in for contextual links, you can be assures that you do not receive spam links and links from link farms, which are banned by search engines. So, not only are these links effective in getting you a higher rank, they are also safe and will never get your website blacklisted. Optimize your efforts on these links and what you have on your hands is a successful link building campaign.

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