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Dating advice for men is really important nowadays, because a lot of guys just don’t get the idea – most of the time when you get rejected, your approach is wrong. However, nothing is wrong with you. First thing you want to understand, is why women are going to the bars and night clubs with their girlfriends. In most cases – to have fun. And rarely to hook up for men with guys. On the other hand, guys with their buddies get in the bar almost exclusively to look for women. That’s why so many books with dating advice recommend uncovering your intentions immediately – tell girls that you (and your friends) are not here to pick them up, you just want to have some fun too, if they don’t mind. And if they will like your company, and you will be fun and exciting you will be rewarded with her phone number at the end.

Another dating advice for men would be never buying her a drink on a first date. That is really predictable and boring. Women will forget about you as soon as the drink will end. Sending her a drink without even asking isn’t any better. The problem is that you will fall in category “another guy wants to get in my pants”, and that isn’t a good one, obviously. Also it makes her feel obligated to talk to you, but she doesn’t really want to. So conversation will not be any good.

Also it is very important to not fail her tests. And she will give at least few of them, to see how you will react. She might be rude or bitchy, but you should not be discouraged by this sudden mood change . If you will act like a nice guy, and agree on everything she says, you will go home alone, that’s for sure. Don’t prove her anything, and don’t be afraid to tell her that she is wrong. Due to all of the modern dating advice that men get, it almost seems like it is ‘wrong’ to fall in love with a woman. You always hear that you need to be the alpha male and be super confident and not give in. Does that mean that you should not be looking for love if you are a guy?

This is something that I have seen a lot of men get mixed up about, especially since the topics of love and relationships can be so complex and confusing anyways. Nowadays, it seems like you cannot go to see a movie geared towards men where the characters aren’t dishing out advice to each other and it almost always comes back to the idea that guys should be trying to get as many women as possible and not fall in love.

Next, you turn to the internet and you run into lots of advice sites, where it is all about the super alpha male, running routines and gimmicks to get a one night stand. They even make it seem as if wanting to fall in love with a woman makes you less of a man. Not at all. To tell you the truth, love is something that you cannot fight. At some point in time, you are going to get the desire to be with one woman, because she knocks you out, she challenges you, she makes you love life as long as she is part of it. And that is Not a bad thing, no matter what the world wide web thinks, Hollywood, or cheesy stand up comedians.

What you DO want to avoid is that desire to fall in love so badly, that you end up falling for the WRONG woman. Guys do this a lot when they just want to be with someone so badly, it’s all they think about. The connect with a woman and automatically want to settle down with her before they really get to know her. Of course, sometimes that can be a good thing. Sometimes the next woman who comes along ends up being right for you. However, if you don’t have much of any dating experience at all… how are you really going to know how she measures up? You won’t. That can end up very badly, you can end up attracting the wrong woman and not have the confidence to end the relationship.

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