Drunk Driving Regulations for Chauffeurs

Whether a chauffeur is hired for a ride to and  rhode island alcohol delivery from the airport, or for a special engagement, his or her responsibility is to get their passengers to their desired destinations in a timely and safe manner. Regulations regarding limousines and chauffeurs operating commercial vehicles differ from state to state, but in every state it is unacceptable for drivers of any commercial vehicle to driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Chauffeurs, like taxi drivers, truck drivers, and delivery drivers, are considered commercial operators because they are driving in exchange for a fee. To be involved in this form of commerce, a driver must meet specific requirements and be properly licensed to operate their vehicles. This includes specific regulations that more strictly regulate what constitutes driving under the influence of alcohol for a chauffeur.

In some states, chauffeurs and other commercial drivers must acquire a commercial driver’s license. That license puts them under specific regulations on drunk driving and operating vehicles with open containers. The legal BAC for noncommercial drivers in most locations is.08%, but for commercial drivers that percentage is often cut in half. Any commercial driver with a BAC of higher than.04% can be charged with DUI in many states.

Rhode Island takes DUI charges very seriously and their intention to protect public safety on the road is made clear by their stringent restrictions on chauffeurs and other commercial drivers. Even though alcohol may be present in a chauffeur’s vehicle, it must not be consumed by the driver.


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