Emergency Contraception – The Side Effects of Morning After Pills

Pregnancy that may be caused due to unprotected sex can be avoided to a very large extend using emergency contraceptive pills. These pills are also known as contraceptive pills and can really help in avoiding unintentional pregnancy. You might have entered into a sexual intercourse with your partner without taking protection to avoid pregnancy. The morning after pills will help you to avoid pregnancy. These contraceptive should be taken immediately after an unprotected sexual intercourse.

The major ingredients of these pills are synthetic hormone and their main function is to disrupt the hormonal patterns that are required for pregnancy in women. How a pill will act depend mainly on the women’s menstrual cycle. These pills can prevent fertilization of egg and there by reduces the chances of pregnancy. A contraceptive pill is said to be very effective when taken within the first 12 hours of the unprotected sex. The recent reports suggest that it is effective even if it is taken within the first 24 hours. The contraceptive pill can avoid pregnancy to a very large extend. The number of women who may turn pregnant even after taking in a contraceptive pill would be only just 2%.

The efficiency of a pill in preventing unintentional pregnancy cytotec precio to a very large extend depends on the time taken to take these pills after a sexual intercourse. A pregnancy can be avoided in 95% of the cases if the pill has been taken within 24 hour of the unprotected sex. If you take the pill within 24 and 48 hours of the unprotected sex, then pregnancy can be avoided in 85% of the cases. The effectiveness of the pill would be lesser for longer the time period of taking these pills after sex. The chances of pregnancy would decrease from 8% to 1% if you are able to take these contraceptive pills within 72 hours of the sexual intercourse.

During the days when these pills were launched in the market there were much expectations on this product as the manufacturers advertised that a contraceptive pill can significantly reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancies. The pharmaceutical companies also created much hype for the product so as to gain more profit from them. But recent researches have found out that these pills are not as effective as what they had claimed. These reports had a significant impact on the sales of these and the prices were reduced by the manufacturers.

There are many who have a wrong belief that a contraceptive pill can be taken of their own. This is a wrong notion and a medical practitioner should always be consulted before taking the morning after pills. The doctor will give you advices on the basis of a women’s health history. Some women may vomit after taking in a contraceptive pill. Vomiting can actually decrease the effectiveness of a morning after pill. So it is better that you take proper medication to avoid vomiting before you take in an emergency contraceptive pill. Even if there are many doubts on the effectiveness of the emergency pill, still these pills are widely considered the best for protecting unintentional pregnancy.

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