Girls Who have One Night Stands!

Whatever happened to no sex before marriage? Personally in my opinion I don’t think there is anything wrong with girls who have one night stands, as long as both male and female are physically and emotionally responsible for there actions. Equally no other parties are involved which would make this situation much more complicated, resulting into infidelity. This is something I can’t comprehend.

Both males and females should not put themselves at risk and should always use protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections HIV and pregnancies. This is one of the main reasons why our country has the highest teenage pregnancy ratings and transmitted Call girls in Dharamshala infections due to unprotected sex. From my experiences, although I say there’s nothing wrong with one night stands, you do lose respect for that girl if she gives herself to you on the first night and even though it may make you feel good about yourself you lose respect for yourself also, you try to condone it by saying it just happened she couldn’t resist me but who else has she had sex with on the first night of meeting.

A guy who sets out to sleep with a girl, a one night stand in this case sees the girl as their prey. It’s a feel good factor for him, he’s getting what he desires, it increases is confidence and any insecurities that he may have are banished. I’m sure it’s the same for the girl also. No strings attached sex; their both getting what they want, this is why I think one night stands happen. There’s no difference between guy and girl, wanting the one night stand if there’s an attraction, it just happens, end of the day it takes two to tango!

Back in the day a guy would meet girl and that would be it, but were going back to your grandparent ere there. These days both sexes seem to have many sexual partners until they find the right one, and that’s if they find the right one. I don’t agree with girls who just have intentions to sleep about without wanting a relationship, but each to there own.

Girls, i’d say defiantly get more stigma for having one night stands as opposed to men. Men get a reputation, don’t get me wrong, yet they don’t get branded, you don’t need me to spell it out for you but easy comes to mind. As i was saying before, the guy sees the girl as there pray, he loves the chase and if she gives herself to him straight away you lose that respect for her, and start questioning who else has she had a one night stand with. I mean this is wrong I don’t agree with it at all surely where all equal and the guy should receive the same kind of stigma for sleeping around; nevertheless it doesn’t seem to be the case. A lot of guys boast and gloat about there sexual conquests and unfortunately put the girls down along the way, I don’t agree with this either.

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