How to Use an OverBed Table Properly

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This Newgy table tennis robot offers the bare minimum in terms of features. It has a ball hopper capacity of 40 balls Bàn thao tác and can manipulate the ball speed, ball frequency as well as the spin using progressive rotary dials. It is an ideal device to improve reaction times or test your skills.

If the sheer size of this robot doesn’t scare you enough, the available shot selections surely will. The Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro Table tennis Robot offers complete control over the choice of spin, landing spots, speed, and other factors to emulate a professional level opponent. What you lose in portability is covered in features. Shot selection is made easy with a touchscreen LCD and 120 ball recycling capacity makes sure to reduce reload time.

Newgy Robo Pong 2055 is a step up from the predecessor, the Robo-Pong 2050+. It comes with 64 pre-programmed drills for various playing levels. You can hook it up to PC to create, save and share custom drills by USB connectivity. It has a hopper capacity of 48 table tennis balls.

While this Newgy Robo Pong 3050XL may look like something out of a Terminator movie, it is designed to improve your Table tennis skills. Equipped with a hopper capacity of 144 balls, this training robot can be programmed, via the Newby app over Bluetooth, for a basic playing session, advanced training session, a custom training session, or a full-body aerobic workout session.

The Butterfly Amicus Professional Robot has the most barebones design but don’t let the looks deceive you. It can be programmed for multiple training sessions to provide a precise practice not possible with a practice partner. The wireless remote may look complex at first sight but easy to adapt. The lightweight design (~6 kgs) makes it easy to carry around.

An ideal tool for training beginners, HP-07 Ping pong Robot is battery operated and can be carried around. It has a barrel that can be changed as per your shot choice. It has a hopper capacity of 110 ping pong balls. In terms of shot variations, the accompanying remote can manipulate the frequency, oscillation, topspin, and lower rotation.

Equipped with two rubberized rotors, the Newgy Robo Pong 2040+ offers a wide selection of shots like push, chop, serve, counter, lob, & fast loop. Similar to the Newgy Robo Pong 1040+, this training robot also comes with a remote with analog knobs to change the parameters of the ball.

The most compact training robot, the iPong Pro Table tennis Training Robot is a sure choice if portability is your preference. The design might be unconventional but it manages to get the work done. The top-loader feeder disc manages to prevent the balls from jamming mid-operation and can store up to 100 ping pong balls.

A similar design to Butterfly Amicus Professional, the power Pong 3000 Professional has everything you need for a professional match or intense workout. The console may need some time getting used to but helps finetune the services you expect. The feeder capacity is 72 balls but with recycling function, you don’t need to frequently reload.

Butterfly Amicus Start is a training robot that pairs precise and durable hardware with a user-friendly panel. Equipped with features to train beginners, the robot shoots six balls per exercise. To step up the challenge, you can choose the ‘Randomize’ setting to improve footwork and technique alike.

While we have specified training robots from a diverse price range, we recommend the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro or Newgy Robo Pong 3050XL for those with deeper pockets. For beginners, opting for Newgy Robo Pong 1040+ or Butterfly Amicus Basic would be a wise investment. One thing to consider while purchasing a training robot is to invest in a good catch net to avoid the troubles of collecting your ping pong balls after training.

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