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Education is one of the important parts of a person’s life. If you are well educated and know about various aspects of life, you are always given respect in family as well as society in which you live. Since the evolution of life, human beings have been attracted towards new things Education News. There was a time when humans didn’t know about cooking and eating. They used to eat raw meat and vegetables. But, after consistent efforts and eager to learn thing, they got idea about cooking and the way of eating. This all happened after a long period of learning. It clearly shows that education has been an important medium to live and progress since the evolution of life.

In ancient era, education was all about to find new ways to live respectfully in society. Communication etiquettes, eating habits, cooking food, astrology, predicting weather etc are the outcome of education. Today, humans have evolved phenomenally but the value of education is still the same as it was at the time of evolution of life. Newformation knows the important of education and hence added a section in its web portal where you can get valuable news and information related to this important field. This website offers all the latest updates regarding admission, launch of new program in prominent institutes, results, admission notification etc. The website will publish your desired news as soon as possible. Addition to that, you can also like us on Facebook so that your friends and dear ones could know about this first-of-its-kind portal.

Women Education has evolved as a most important topic in India nowadays. People are now aware of how important education is for women and are trying to improve the women education in India. The awareness is developing shortly but is really progressing for a better society. Educated women can play an important role in the development of the country. Education is considered as a milestone in every woman’s life. It makes women ready to face challenges and confront their education beliefs. Education makes a woman stronger and independent which is essential in today’s society. Here are some of the online digital women education news which is inspirational.

The latest report on the public instruction in Mumbai revealed the director’s words saying that Mumbai has been progressed a lot compared to other provinces in the country and have good progress in educating the women of Mumbai. But the situation is very different in reality. An Indian school reformer stated that the percentage of total girls who are in school age in Mumbai is 15% and out of them only 1. 5% of girls are going to schools and colleges. It will take approximately three hundred and fifty-five years to bring the remaining 13. 5% under education according to the rate at which present progress has been taken on. The reformer complete denied the director’s words and brought the real statistics related to the female education in Mumbai into the light.

Education is the main key to the empowerment of woman. A woman can’t do anything unless she has enough idea about that particular matter and if she wants to progress in any particular sector then it is mandatory that she have the required knowledge about all the things in that sector. The SubDivision Magistrate (SDM) of Jalandhar has stated that a woman should possess technical education in order to improve her thinking and decision-making capabilities. He inaugurated the fresh batch of various types of skill training courses at RUDSET on Monday and later had a small talk with the students there. He told that until and unless women are educated technically they can’t achieve the empowerment in the real sense. He said that if women aren’t educated in the technical area their dream will remain as a distant dream only. So they have to strive hard in improving themselves.

He appreciated RUDSET for making technical education available for all the women. He called it as a great initiative and more such initiatives should come and help in empowering the women. Concentrating on women education helps women not only in creating their own identity but also helps them in becoming the lighthouse for others. Arundhati Bhattacharya is the first women chairperson of India’s largest public sector bank. She made these below statements while addressing the students of Shushila Birla Girl’s School which is dedicated to providing education to only girls. A girl from the audience asked her that why girls perform better than boys in early stages of their school education but are less likely to work as leaders in organizations. For this question, Arundhati Bhattacharya replied that she took these results from a survey and they are-Generally women have three phases in their lives where they give up their education.

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