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Having a free link exchange directory [] might seem very interesting and fun in the beginning. However, many of the link exchange directories will quit because it is a lot of work maintaining them without any reward. When you monetize your link exchange directory [], it stays more fun to regularly update your directory and you might earn some money with itEstablished in the year 1990 as UK only based online retail store, since its inception the store has grown immensely and it now caters to well over a million customers worldwide. It has been over two decades now, Links of London have been providing exclusive fashionable products. Though the products have gone through many changes, what has not changed is the trendy customizable fashion along with the sheik stylishness that is bought to the table.

Be it children or adult, male or female, everyone feels at home at Links of London. The 2009 was another year where new breakthroughs were made in terms of new prospective clients and products. This year the portfolio will be extended even more along with new innovation gracing most previous year products. It is important for Links of London to keep themselves updated simply because fashion never sits still, a hit of this summer will be back dated come next summer. Moreover this online retail chain carries a massive reputation on its shoulders therefore it needs to keep innovating in order to stay on top.

Come, this winter fall Links of London 2010 has lined up a whole host of products. This time the emphasis is more on jewelry and collectable items. The new arrivals are not only exotic but also cheap in price and have items in stock like never before. A whole new range of forty nine products have made its way through the collections of Links of London this year. The items are of varied range.

Black leather chains are in fashion this year and so are they in the Links of London 2010. Made from sterling silver and priced at 13. 59 pound, this one comes with gift boxes and pouches. Box chains and snake chains both at 19. 54 pounds are also the in thing this year. Both are silver made and can be attached to pouches and boxes. Next is the whole new range of friendship bracelets. Black and green, black and gold, red white and blue are some of the very cool color combination of the newly launched friendship bracelets. They are all priced very reasonably within 25 pounds. Some new sweetie bracelets in bright colors and with multiple charms are added to the collection. To the sweetie collection, an exclusive time piece named Mother of Pearl, prices at 66. 29 pounds have been added. Some very new and beautiful charms like high heel, mini duck, logo, London bells, star, heart, lipstick, mobile, pink butterfly, swan, car etc are also added in the compilation of Links of London 2010.

Stone studded bracelets in bright colors are inserted in the sets of Links of London 2010. 4 arrows five hearts bracelet, child bracelet with thumping hearts, red, white and blue heart bracelets are a few among them. Another new entry is of a necklace exported from Hongkong. Made out of authentic sterling silver, it comes with 100% guarantee. So, this year, take a plunge into fashion in a new way with the fresh collections of Links of London.

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