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9 Best Backlink Tools to Spice up Your SEO Strategy

We are all aware about the craze that people have on generating traffic for their website, we are also equally aware about the main bridge that connects viewers to our websites with the help of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing to name a few and to see our websites flash right on top during the search results is the job of the SEO SEO backlinks, needless to mention that by far that is the toughest part. To create a bit of ease to such a tough job there is the help of the SEO tools and a few tips that comes handy in keeping your website on top of the SERPs. This piece of news will actually make your eyes pop out in disbelief because such tools are of great help that not only helps you to know how much traffic your website is enjoying but also trains you and fine-tunes your existing knowledge on it.

Think about the best and we present that to you. This website pamper you with the best tools and plugins to make sure the most effective optimization of the websites and helps your website emerge as the clear winner when it comes to implementation and proper use of the keywords. To name a few ‘site explorer’ helps you to know the domain and find out in great detail about that particular website or URL. Keyword checker, yet another tool that helps you to trace down relevant keywords and the frequency it has along with the search volume of it. That’s not all, the comparator tool allows a user to compare up to five websites together with great detail and even notices the intricate details. The other things that are provided in the platter are the plugins used in Chrome and Firefox to check the sites that has been visited from the browser.

A complete set of software application that has free and pro services is always a luxury for the SEO professionals. This complete set provides its fair share of goodies and to begin with ‘rank tracker’ helps in researching about the keyword that is best suited for your website and also to track its ranking. Then there is ‘website auditor’ that helps in greatest and most effective content optimization. The tricky ones that keeps a close tab on your competitors is the ‘SEO SpyGlass’ that traces down the back links that your competitor uses and finally the role of ‘link assistant’ that does the work of link management for you.

Probably one of the most popular website that everybody knows of. Established in 2004 and since then there has been no stopping this website from climbing the success ladder so much so that today by far it is one of the most powerful and popular websites that people actually swear by when working for SEO. The success trick of Moz lies in keeping themselves constantly updated and striving to find out more tools that can ease the job of the SEO guys. Moz provides a range of tools and services, some paid and some free. Although the free tools are the basic tools but if you are aiming to get the advanced tools that will do the complicated research for you then you must go in for the paid services.

The platter that this site provides also boasts of a lot of tools that can help in making your SEO work easy. Some of the most popular tools that they offer could be listed as the Site Auditor Tool, Link Management Tool, Backlink Explorer, the Keyword Ranking Tool to name a few. If the list of tools they offer is impressively good then wait for more to come. They also give users integrated data from the other biggies like Moz, Google AdWords and MajesticSEO to name a few. The best part about using these tools is that a 30 day trial pack is available that will help you to assess for yourself whether you want the tool or not post trying it out for a month.

If you are up for advertising research then this is the tool that you have looked for. This website helps you to see where you stand in the organic search results and also keeps you updated about the moves that your competitors are making. You need a quality check of the domain and sub-domain of the backlinks that you have. It works brilliantly for checking the keyword analysis and also the kind of keywords that must be used in ads, all of this just to enhance the value of your website on the organic search. The free version of these tools that focuses on the keywords has its own set of limitations. So get the paid version to enjoy uninterrupted services.

These are some of the most powerful SEO sites that give us the most useful tools and tips enriching us and easing our work. So if all this has finally managed to impress you then what’s the wait for? Hurry to get the tools that you think you need the most that would suit your requirements.

As we all know, Backlinks are what make the search engines go round, and it will also give you the ability to easily get noticed. A website needs high quality backlinks to gain exposure into the search engine world. Although, after some updates made by Google, the importance of backlinks is slightly behind the scenes for Google. But other search engines still notice backlinks with the same skill as earlier. Your own High PR backlinks will cause your website to rank even higher for your specific niche. People do spend money to get High PR backlinks but I’m going to share some free sources here with the proper way to get a Backlink .The importance of these resources is not to be neglected if you hope to promote your website.

In this article, I would explain “How to Get High PR Backlinks Free.” There are a few strong sources around the internet to get a reciprocal link or backlink free, if used properly. Here are the best websites for your purpose and the proper way to get a link. I have included a picture about the quality and PR of these websites. It will surely help you to understand the importance of these sites in search engines.

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