Tattoos – An art As Old As Man

5000+ Shoulder Tattoo Designs - Apps on Google PlayAre you one of those who think that tattoos are just a passenger fashion? If so, you are wrong. The tattoo art is as ancient as the human race. Even a mummy of the Tattoo shops near me Neolithic period with 57 tattoos in his back has been found! Surprised? Polynesia was the first region in the world to practice the art of tattooing, as well as the pioneer in using it as something purely aesthetic.

For centuries, various cultures have used tattoos in many different ways: some of them considered it an art, as Japan; other used them as a way of social stigma, as the ancient Rome and Greece; others as a symbol of maturity, as North america; and even there were some cultures that have attributed supernatural powers to them, as Egypt. Over the years its function has changed and today, the tattoos are used exclusively as a body ornament. The techniques have been refined to the point of turning it into an art-form. Now the tattoo artists have become masters of drawing and they design beautiful images with the skin as canvas. The tattoos have become a real boom!

The tattoos have been gradually integrated into society and today they are standardized among all social sectors. Increasingly there are more tattooed bodies around the world. So it is not strange that every year various tattoo conventions are held across the globe, such as the “Berlin International Tattoo Convention”, one of the largest in the world (celebrated since 1991). There participate the best tattoo artists of the world. In fact, Berlin is considered one of the tattoo cradles in Europe.

Today there is a regulation to which all the tattoo studios must adhere: single-use instruments (syringes and needles); they should be unsealed in the presence of the user; they should be perfectly sterilized; obligatory vaccination of staff against hepatitis B, tetanus and diphtheria; they will have to certify the completion of a training course on hygiene and health of 30 hours amongst other thingsPresumably if you are persistently working at building your business credit score and your business loan application, you are looking for ways to improve how you find paying customers sooner than later. In the early days of mass media advertising it was easier to convince your audience they should buy your product. Fantastic advances in marketing technology have invoked a sophisticated populace not so easily swayed. It is hopeless to waste your carefully allotted marketing budget on clunky advertising methods.

The sleek new model for grabbing the attention of the public is “behavioral” online advertising and is the next generation technology for targeting qualified leads – consumers that already have an interest in your product. It is not the same as the “contextual” advertising we have grown accustomed to ignoring.

Google is the most famous for using contextual ads. Go to any web page with Google Ads in the sidebars and spotted throughout the article you’re reading. You’ll notice the content of ads displayed is related to the significant keywords in text of the articles. That is contextual advertising. It picks up the keywords in the main text and tailors the ad content to match the text. Media companies create the banners displayed across the top of a web page using the same technology. The ads assume that you are interested in buying what you are reading about on that page.

Behavioral advertising takes the machine to a whole new level. It follows the web surfer around and studies their online behavior, gathering data about the website topics in which they show interest. If the surfer opens a travel website to look at Caribbean cruises, on the next site he goes to regardless of the subject, ads for tropical cruises will appear. In effect the ads follow the surfer around the internet. It takes the surfer by surprise. He is not accustomed to seeing ads for cruises on say, a website for home improvement and so does not automatically tune it out. He notices.

There is controversy regarding privacy issues, but in spite of it, this is proving to the most successful form on online advertising for small businesses. Tatto Media, a Boston-based behavioral media company experienced significantly more growth in 2008 than some of the major contextual media companies, including Yahoo and Tribal Fusion. The reason for the growth is that ads out of context get 100% more “click throughs” to the client’s website than contextual ads. They also get more conversions, which equate to sales.

If you have gone through the process of applying for a small business loan, you are aware the lender is interested in knowing how you are planning to repay the loan. You will be asked for a business plan, which includes you marketing plan. Do the due diligence beforehand. Find out what the best marketing strategy is for your business. In other words, what is the quickest way to reach the “niche” market that is already interested in buying the products you sell. Include this data in your plan and it into practice.

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