The Marketing Tool That Worked Before Internet Marketing Existed

What is the most potent form of Internet marketing?

In answer to this question, every marketer is likely to have his or her own opinion but the most potent form of marketing (the big linchpin) could very well be a process that existed before the advent of search engines, pay-per-click strategies and coined Internet marketing phrases like “lead generation.”

It’s name?


Why Education and Internet Marketing?

When you decide to market your products or services by educating your audience, you instinctively recognize that people like to know.

Granted, maybe every member of your target audience didn’t enjoy their school days but it’s probably safe to agree that everyone likes to understand processes, tasks and/or information. People also like to share their knowledgeable information with others. This makes service and product education a pleasurable experience for a target audience. On the other hand, no one likes to be considered a vassal of ignorance, which is the quality that unfortunately claims status as a popular basis for products and services sold online.

What is Education?

It is important for business professionals and professional marketers alike to understand that education should not be doped-down to the dissemination of information only. Education should also include essential elements that include people (at least 2), purpose and accountability.

People in Internet Marketing Education

Even if you own a simple online bakery shop, you should invest in education. When it comes to providing “people-education” it’s simple. For instance, find someone who can teach a children’s baking class online. Then, send out private baking tutors or allow the children to work in your brick-and-mortar shop to apply the concepts they have learned online themselves or with their parents. Help them understand the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, textures and value of your products. Provide samples to their parents and take pictures throughout the class’s duration for the parents’ to enjoy.

If you are a software or a high tech company, “people-education” isn’t quite as concrete. Make sure that your sales people are qualified to provide concise answers to clients’ questions online and to be approachable both in verbal and written forms of communication.

Internet marketing education should include people.

Purpose in Internet Marketing Education

For our online bakery shop, decide on a purpose internet and education for the educational experiences that you provide. For example, the purpose of your children’s online baking class may be to allure parents into the world of online baking services. Another purpose may also include the future patronage of those children who are being taught to bake.

For the software or high tech company brands, an educational purpose may change to meet the needs of each particular client. One purpose may be to expose a client to the software or technology features that meet his or her needs the most. Featurettes with short “quizzes” about the clients’ needs can be administered online. Another purpose may simply be to generate further leads or partnerships with other companies.

Internet marketing education should include pur

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