Buy Elegant Rug 120x170 Cm online at the best prices in Pakistan | METRO  OnlineIf someone looks back through history, they would find that rugs have always been part of a culture’s daily life especially when it comes to decorating and adding color to a home A rug is used as a decorative piece in a home when there is not much furniture available or when the interior design is a little bare. A rug is also used as an aid in maintaining cleanliness in a home. It can be used as a doormat where visitors can clean their feet or shoes before getting into the home. It can also be used as a rug runner which prevents dirt from getting into the main room of a home. But one of the main reasons people make use of rugs for their homes is to add value to it by giving it a touch of beauty and elegance.

Although these days fewer people make use of rugs to add value to their home, many cannot deny that if they have the resources, they may grab the chance to buy one especially antique rugs. Antique rugs are the most expensive amongst all other types of rugs and it is the most commonly used type to add value to a home.

Because of the fact that antique rugs are generally expensive, it is very important that people look at them closely before buying them. There are a few crucial things that they need to consider. The first is of course the material that was used. Most rugs that have very good quality are made of wool. They are resistant to dirt and dust mites or other similar insects. They are also hypoallergenic and are effective to use as comforters to those who love to bond by sitting on the floor and they are very effective in absorbing moisture. When choosing an antique rug, it is very important for an individual who would like to buy rugs to know how to distinguish genuine wool from fake ones.

The buyer would also have to consider how rugs were made. Usually, hand-made rugs have a higher value than newer ones that are made by machines. They have been carefully made which makes them a lot more durable. People buying rugs should know whether the rugs are made by machines or are genuinely handmade.

Of course, the color and designs are very important factors to consider when buying antique rugs. They are trademarks of genuine rugs made several decades ago by weavers from the top manufacturers and designers. Rugs made several decades ago only make use of monochromatic colors under the shades of red and brown. They are not as colorful as the modern rugs we have these days. Their designs are also primarily floral designs and their layouts are always composed of interior and exterior layers. If people know much about history and rugs, they would be able to tell whether a rug is an antique or not. They also know well how to determine their valueIf you are placing the rug directly onto a wood or stone floor, consider using a rug-hold underlay on the bottom of your rug. This will help to prevent the rug from sliding about on the floor and may help to prevent accidents. A rubber underlay will help to prevent the rug from bunching up and will reduce the risk that the rug may become a trip hazard. If the rug has been dyed using natural vegetable dyes, the underlay will also prevent the transfer of these dyes onto the flooring. A rug that is prone to bunching will show signs of wear-and-tear more quickly than one that is properly placed.

Loop pile or thick, loosely woven rugs can collect small bits of dust and dirt quickly, but they are very easy to clean. Either hang the rug over a washing line or lay the rug upside down over a clean surface, then gently beat it using a carpet beater or similar implement. This method will get rid of all the dirt from the rug and this mess can then be easily cleaned off of the surface which you laid the carpet over.

Very high-quality or antique, oriental rugs may require specialist care. Always remember to ask sellers about special care instructions or tips when you buy handmade rugs. If you are buying a rug from a local dealer, it is also a good idea to ask them if they can recommend a good local rug care specialist. Whilst many cleaning services claim to clean rugs, it can be a huge risk to hire somebody who has not had professional training in cleaning your specific style of rug. Special rug care products are also often available in the same places in which you buy handmade rugs.

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