What Should i Look for in a Proxy

Proxies are used to unblock internet access, simplifying access to any piece of information on the internet without revealing the identity. Proxy websites are available for free and many people use proxies to make money. Certain proxy websites allow you to surf the 1337x internet for free, while some need a login. Common proxy scripts used by proxies are PHP proxy and CGI proxy. Since these scripts are available for free, many proxies are flooding the market. This increases the threat of Spyware and other malicious programs if you use malicious proxies.

You are looking for proxies to gain access to those websites blocked in your campus etc. The proxy you choose to surf should allow access to those websites you want. This is an essential feature you have to look, when you search for a proxy. If you are looking for access seehd to messengers, you should search for proxies, which allow you access to messengers from their website. This is possible with the increasing number of proxies on the internet. Popular proxies allow access to most of the common file types, without any restriction.

The proxy you choose to surf the internet rutracker should hide your ip address. Whenever you type a URL, several information including your ip address, browser type etc. will be sent to the server. The proxy website should hide your ip address as well as server URL to fool the proxy server. Now when you surf the internet from a proxy, your proxy server will understand that you are browsing a single website. This way you can browse all blocked websites without a problem.

Network managers are also aware of proxies and all popular proxies are blocked. Usage statistics will reveal the use of a specific website and so, out of suspicion, your network manager may block the proxy website you are using. You don’t have to worry as there are hundreds of proxy websites across the internet. You can find a new proxy everyday and gain access to all websites you want to view even though they are blocked.

Those who give a free proxy website make money with advertisements. Whenever you open a proxy website, you can see many advertisements. If you want advertisement-free surfing, you should pay for subscription. Maximum anonymity and much more features are available for paid members, but you can still surf the internet from the proxy without paying anything.

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