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Becoming a full time parent is a big deal – giving up on your career, just to stay back and spend more time with your kid requires a huge level of commitment. At first it might seem easy and you will think that it hardly requires any effort. In fact, since you don’t have to worry about meeting professional deadlines, you will become a pro in handling your kid online counsellor for career. But in reality it is completely different. Looking after a child requires more effort and dedication than doing your job. You have to be alert at all the times, initially when they are growing up. You have to constantly keep a track of what they are doing, if they are picking up stuffs and putting them on the mouth and so on. It is a 24X7 round the year job and you don’t even get paid for it. So are you really prepared for it?

We strongly suggest that one should enter parenthood only when they are really comfortable with each other and would really like to become parents. One has to be mentally prepared for it. Did you know that the world over, the percentage of unsatisfied parents are on the rise? It is simply because they were not prepared when they entered parenthood and they are unable to meet the dreams of this new phase in their life. As such there has been a growing demand for parenting courses online. Couples are opting for this course in order to bring back the sanity in the relationship. Although on one hand this course is really improving the relationship but at the same time, it is proof of the fact that there is an alarming situation where couples are becoming frustrated as parents.

Parent-child relationship is one of the most blissful of all relations. But when differences of opinions arise and other issues create problems, it is better to seek help. Professional help can do wonders. The parenting courses online has been specially created to help parents come to terms with all the issues that they are experiencing so that they can better deal with their children. This course is offered online. There are different timings available. Opt for the one that best fits your daily schedule. Your will be charged on an hourly or weekly basis.

Many people have really benefitted out of this course. In order to find out how effective it is and whether you will gain anything out of the parenting courses online you have to get enrolled. Make sure to open up about your problems and the issues that you are facing with the counsellor. Listen to his advice, if you have any queries ask it then and there before implementing it. From these discussions you will have to understand what will work in your scenario and will bear the fruits. Accordingly you need to implement it. So what are you waiting for? Get enrolled as soon as possible if you want to prevent the situation from becoming worse.

Every year thousands of people complete training to become Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Life Coaches or Business Coaches, yet recent statistics suggest that only 20% of these go on to become professionals. What is it that makes the difference between a successful professional and a keen amateur? How do some set up highly successful private practices yet others falter at the very beginning?

Having worked as a counsellor, online counsellor and Life Coach for over 30 years and taught on numerous graduate and post graduate counselling and coaching courses I have seen literally thousands of young, and not so young, but certainly very hopeful, students go through the training system to become professional therapists, but I know that only a small percentage will be working in paid therapy one year after training. So what goes wrong?

There are a few things that you really need to know that will make all the difference which i try to drive home to all my students. Some students listen and some of them have gone on to be highly paid professionals earning far more than I will ever see in my life. So, armed with 30 years of experience of being paid to provide counselling, online counselling and therapy these are the things that I believe need to be passed on.

Firstly I would like to acknowledge what might be called an industry secret… if indeed counselling and life coaching can be seen as an industry. Counselling, coaching and therapy of all kinds is a messy business. The counselling room or therapy centre sees a lot of emotion. People in counselling are often distressed and upset, they may be angry and they often cry, or shout and sometimes are hostile and aggressive, especially if they have been made to attend counselling by a friend or relative or even a court of law. Being around raw and often unexpected emotion for a job, all day, five or six days a week takes a toll, especially on sensitive people who are often the ones drawn into counselling. You have to be well put together and quite emotionally resilient. It’s an odd combination to have isn’t it. On one hand you do have to be sensitive and receptive to how people are feeling and what’s going on, but on the other hand you have to be resilient enough to be able to pack it away at the end of the session and prepare for the next client, and then the one after that and the one after that, all day and all week long. It’s not an easy job, and many fledgling counsellors and therapists vote with their feet. It’s hard work and there are definitely easier ways to make a living.

Counselling training often gives the impression that there is a smooth process whereby if certain procedures or principles are adhered to, the outcomes will be positive. This is rarely the case. Even for structured therapeutic approaches like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12 Step Therapy or any other manualised therapy there is an awful lot of mess, and by this I mean times that either go very wrong or veer wildly off track. Why? Simply because all of us do odd things, we don’t work like we’re supposed to, we do things wrong, or impulsively, or say things that aren’t true or that we want to be true but aren’t. People also get angry and distressed, especially if they are seeking help, they are likely to be more vulnerable and less steady than they might ordinarily be. Even an innocuous (but powerful) counselling strategy like Simple Reflective Listening can provoke an unexpected multitude of powerful emotions that are not easy to cope with, let alone shape into a healthy therapeutic format.

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